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Our mission:
Make tasty things.

it's simple

What makes us passionate about coffee? The coffee itself. Starting with the origins of the coffee beans--the variety of plant, the terroir, the processing method--to the roast profile and brew method, we view each factor that leads to the cup in your hands as a piece of the puzzle that informs the whole picture. And we want that picture to be a cup of coffee that makes you want another. And another.

We could wax poetic about what happens to flavor compounds at different roast and brew temperatures, or how sustainable farming practices and geopolitical climates have changed in the world’s coffee-producing regions. But if that’s not your jam, you can leave us to worry about all that and we’ll just make you a damn fine cup of coffee. The proof is in the cup.


Coffee is an adventure.

We see making coffee as more than just a business transaction or simply selling a product. We view crafting coffee as a balance of science and art, of ritual and innovation. While coffee has been a part of world culture for thousands of years, modern specialty coffee is a relatively young industry and there is still a lot to discover. We’re invigorated by the challenge, by the as-yet-unknown! We’re excited to explore the mysteries of coffee in both its scientific and artistic realms to provide a fantastic adventure for both ourselves and those who enjoy Q.E.D. Coffee.

Seattle Love

A reflection of our

It’s no surprise a lot of work went into creating Q.E.D. We’ve done as much as we could with our own hands and when we ran into a hurdle, we relied on our growing support system to help us learn new skills or to lend a hand when just two or four or ten were not enough. A huge thanks go out to you--you know who you are. It took a lot of late nights and early mornings and ferry rides and trips across the state. It took a lot of help from old friends and new ones and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve built. The support from this group is what makes Q.E.D. not just a coffee shop or a product, but a community we are so thankful for. Whether you’re a local like us, transplanted from somewhere else, or just stopping through, come hang out with us. We have great coffee waiting for you.

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