Coffee. Proven. QED.

QEDcoffee is a small micro-roaster, with big ambitions. We source only in season coffees that have exceptional character. We pride ourselves on providing the best coffees possible, along with the tools and knowledge to brew the perfect cup. QED comes from the Latin phrase quod erat demonstratum – “that which is to be shown”.

QED is a statement of completion used at the end of mathematical proofs. It signifies the conclusion of a specific intention – essentially saying ‘I have achieved what I set out to do and I am ready to share it with the world.’ That is exactly what QEDcoffee is about. Through the art of roasting, we strive to showcase the best flavors a coffee has to offer, and we are ready to show it off, one cup at a time.

The people have spoken

“A Math-Inspired Cafe Where It All Adds Up”
– Sprudge, Coffee News & Culture

“Where to Drink Coffee in Seattle Right Now”
– Seattle Eater